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    Corso di Laurea Magistrale a Ciclo Unico in Farmacia

    Degree Class: LM-13 - Farmacia e farmacia industriale

    Five-year single cycle Master Degree

    Entry requirementsnumerus clausus (nc) course

    President of the CdS: Carla ISERNIA

     Board of the degree course


    The  Master’s Degree course in Pharmacy combines  chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, technological, pharmacological and toxicological sciences with the practice of pharmacy. Graduates will be trained to understand the complexities of  the  multidisciplinary process from its structural design to the production and monitoring of a drug, adhering to the requirements of the professional regulatory body, and according to the standards set in the pharmacopoeias.

    The five-year training course  has been redesigned to explore metabolic disease and healthcare and gain knowledge in the  food sciences, food chemistry and nutraceutical products


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